Thursday 8th – Weather Condition update

Good morning,

We have tried to open nursery this morning, but have been unable to do so. ¬†Staff have tried to make it to work, without success, obviously because of the weather and subsequent traffic disruption;¬† I was in 4×4, tried to get to Excel and had to turn back in the early hours because of traffic stuck on the road, so there is no surprise that that staff couldn’t make it in.

Tried an hour later and couldn’t even get to Stanley, 2 miles away, again because of standing traffic.

It is of the general opinion that conditions will improve throughout the morning, and if that is the case we will be opening as soon as we are physically able, we’ll keep you informed.

Sorry for the late communication, but you can appreciate that this has take everyone by surprise, so thank you for your understanding.

Kindest regards

Chris and Julia